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Hamptons Sectional Door

Beautiful natural look with the durability of aluminium

The Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors combine the elegance of a wooden carriage style door with the latest manufacturing technology. This allows for a Hamptons or "Carriage-Style" Garage Door that can be customized to over 300,000 possible design combinations, while offering the durability of aluminium and optional thermal insulation. 

These doors offer the durability and weather resistant properties of aluminum . Features commercial grade extruded aluminum stiles and rails mechanically fastened at joints to create a high strength door frame.

 Aries door by Hormann


Surprise your neighbors with truly lifelike wood grain powder coated finishes without compromising the modern conveniences and the durability of an aluminum door.


Panel Design Options

The Hamptons Sectional Garage Doors extruded aluminum design and mullion overlays are permanently adhered to the door and can be configured to create many carriage house style designs.  There are a wide variety of designs and window patterns to choose from to fit your style.  Optional custom arches can be made to perfectly match your door opening or other custom header designs.

Doors are available in one inch increment up to 24 ft. wide and 16 ft. high with a maximum total door size of 336 ft2.   For the most authentic replication of the original carriage house style, door heights up to 8 ft. are 3 sections.  32” is the max. section height.


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    Superior Design and Construction

    The Hamptons Collection offers the durability and weather resistant properties of aluminum with the sophisticated appearance of natural wood. The virtually maintenance free Hamptons Collection features commercial grade extruded aluminum stiles and rails mechanically fastened at joints to create a high strength door frame 

    1. Commercial grade extruded Aluminium Frame

    2. Extruded Aluminium mullion overlays

    3. 1/2” Insulated glass (optional)

    4. V-Groove insulated aluminium panels (optional)

    5. Flexible loop type vinyl bottom seal

    6. Door Frame, EPS insulation (standard)

    7. 1/8” Clear tempered glass (standard)

    8. Aluminium interior window trim

    9. Tongue & Groove (T&G) section joint

    10. Insulated aluminium panels (standard)

    11. Extruded aluminium design overlays

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    Energy Efficiency - Tongue & Groove Section Joint

    Energy Efficiency

    The bottom weather seal keeps out wind, rain, debris and other elements. Optional 3-layer sandwich construction with insulating polystyrene core increases energy savings (R-value 5.6)

    Tongue & Groove Section Joint

    The Hamptons Sectional Garage Door is constructed with precisely engineered Tongue and Groove section joints that utilize an enclosed box type construction with a flexible gasket that reduces air infiltration creating a weather-tight seal.

  • ColoursClick for more...

    A. White

    B. Mahogany

    C. Dark Walnut

    D. Dark VG Fir

    E. Light VG Fir

    F. Dark Ash

    G. Light Ash

    H. Dark Cherry

    I. Light Cherry

  • Powder Coated Hardware OptionsClick for more...
    Powder Coated Hardware Options

    To further enhance the beauty of your door’s interior, we offer optional color powder coated track and operational hardware in four solid colors: Black, Grey, White and Brown.

  • Decorative Hardware OptionsClick for more...
    Decorative Hardware Options

    Malleable Iron

    Stamped Steel / Crinkle Textured

  • Window OptionsClick for more...
    Window Options

    01S - Standard

    02S - 03S - 04S - 06S - 08S - 09S

    01A - 02A - 03A - 0$A - 06A - 08A

  • Window Pane OptionsClick for more...
    Window Pane Options

    A. Clear

    B. Smoked

    C. Brown Tinted

    D. Frosted

    E. Feather Etched

    F. Tundra